2018-04-06 Bujaga! on the morning in sisters side. (... and They say: they cure allsaw.) {9:50 Schredinger cat's box closed.} {10:25 Kan-Li is dead.} {16:15 End of story - start of live.} {22:00 I see black prostituts in Italy by the way of Shaman - I think that fight begon!}
2018-04-07 IMG_20180407_0001.jpg {21:38 ... and Kan-Li live - maybe somewere, maybe here}
2018-04-12 {1:47 End of Gandalf's Waterloo.}
2018-04-13 {00:29 We are out of cloud.}
2018-04-15 {6:57 People and Tesla!}
2018-04-17 {2:10 }
2018-04-19 Býlí schifty jsou obyčejní blázni. ;o|
2018-04-22 {11:08 Here is rockandroll now.}
2018-04-23 {21!27 It fade in at night.}
to 2018-04-24
to ?
{8:43 Net done.}
2018-04-25 How I met my sister. (Dam lady.)
2018-04-27 {20:16 We are on the site. Imperial troops.}
2018-04-28 {19:03 Black woman wins!}
2018-05-02 {2:27 We are on site. Heaven.} {19:32 Alarm on Dune.} {21:52 Stop of eatting this.}
2018-05-04 {17:54 Valas good!} {20:08 SOLARIS done.}
2018-05-07 {14:39 Gang is dead forever.}
2018-05-09 {20:45 they say: Valas good!}
2018-05-15 {1:53 Safety issue.} {20:06 End of safety issue.}
2018-05-16 {00:34 Start of new life.}
2018-05-19 {10:14 End of *KOCHAM*.}
2018-05-20 {4:32 End of 1st T2 moment. Ninja Asasin in proxy & she}
2018-06-08 Kan-Li live.
2018-06-16 {17:57 End of part II of T2 issue.}
2018-06-17 {00:37 Yes, my lord, dogie style.} {4:03 We are on the other side of paralela.}
2018-06-24 {17:56 dOUBLE position F3 F16 F3 A10 - same.}
2018-08-11 {20:38 Done in a same way.}
2018-08-12 {2:39 Armada is done.}
2018-08-20 {0:33 Now we can to start! ;o)}
2018-08-29 {23:50 Done at first.}
2018-08-30 {3:50 t2.}
2018-09-17 {23:57 F10 S4 J5 L4 N2 Y7 T7 P2 L1.}
2018-09-19 {4:30 End of chapter I.}
2018-09-28 {19:03 Code mosquito.}
2019-01-01 {14:27 Tax to Heaven was given.}
2019-01-08 {1:49 Hack closed. Greattings Sire!}
2019-01-12 Hi, Miss Ganjah, what is our bill. Sants Brothers
2019-01-17 {2:00 Congratulations to you Sire, for your douther! From enemy with Them to us. Thats better then me. Kan-Li.}
2019-01-23 {21:54 Imperial joke #1 (from 4th copy of my dog)}
2019-01-25 {6:14 ... and we are here from Bhethlem.}
2019-01-30 {1:22 Etera liva, menna Russia.} {6:51 This broken promiss is last edvidence why an myrth was given to the Fire.}
2019-02-05 {00:35 The End.}
2019-02-05 {00:54 Start of Chapter II, you motherfucking Google! (Cobras predicate 3rd worst variaty, so be carefully, it is hard now. - Mad man is here.)}
2019-02-07 With SSD disks is incomming right side of Kan-Li. Be strait, please.
2019-02-16 Beautifull incomming agains czech STB to czech STB. One from three scisers in cake.
2019-03-16 {14:41 Neger cries last time. From theese times is our - Uppers. (Don't drive yourself by perfidious neger's cry.)}
2019-03-27 What I may given to you, my Live? Mitti Innunnan.
2019-03-28 {7:44 Valas, I'm home, not alone. ;o)}
2019-03-29 It's batterfly local problem on your Earth of hole hudred tousant years, this way we're calling it in Imperial inteligency, - every space stops on MM or PF are doing backwards in our issue - be carefully, really in your rally!
2019-04-01 {22:50 Building of Matrix is on the end.}
2019-04-04 Imperial joke #2: Nubmber is free. (ends.)
2019-05-21 {22:15 To midnight - we is makeing SUPER TAXI RIGHT.}
2019-08-25 {by daylight - Huntering the hunter.}
2020-05-18 {cca 14:00 - Star Wars begone! Be afraid Kan-Li! For Valas...} [2020-05-31 friendly match]
2020-05-31 Medulla is here (for long time), be carefully, my love. We are celebrating.
2020-06-06 Any wants to buy: 2 milks, 1 piece of butter and 1 box of cacks, my Honey, Thanks.
2020-07-14 TODAY IS GREEN DAY. Now without Innunan.
2020-09-24 Today Big Bang Theory CZ S11 ends again on chanell novaZnova!
2020-09-27 Vřesina greatings
2020-09-28 Clear Wave Home Alone
2020-10-25 {13:55 Kung-Fu doesn't want to lose and Kan-Li wins for her-self - Status Quo acknowliged yet.} Greatings, Sire!
2020-11-25 Today we can morraly cellebrate a Czech famous Rowina day (TV seria Black Books) and from this day we can write above the map of Prague:"There living a Rowina!"
2020-10-25 Today is color line, it's power to line. ADF - Pilsen's final - its mine - and it is! Valas/Dragon_warrior/
2020-10-26 {10:44 Rowina lose.}
2020-12-30 {18:47 Green Day starts in real way. Today can we cellebrate found of U.S. by power of American Army. - Thanks to God. - Don't hinding yourself in 13 of Europian bathrooms - it cannot to be helping. ;o) fo F.B.}
2021-08-04 In theese dangerous times of a Minda ends my family to good (God's) times. Thanx a lot to my wife Jen Né Fér (in czech). Battle Mage (in every nation ;o) )