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2018-04-06 Bujaga! on the morning in sisters side. (... and They say: they cure allsaw.) {9:50 Schredinger cat's box closed.} {10:25 Kan-Li is dead.} {16:15 End of story - start of live.} {22:00 I see black prostituts in Italy by the way of Shaman - I think that fight begon!}
2018-04-07 IMG_20180407_0001.jpg {21:38 ... and Kan-Li live - maybe somewere, maybe here}
2018-04-12 {1:47 End of Gandalf's Waterloo.}
2018-04-13 {00:29 We are out of cloud.}
2018-04-15 {6:57 People and Tesla!}
2018-04-17 {2:10 }
2018-04-19 Býlí schifty jsou obyčejní blázni. ;o|
2018-04-22 {11:08 Here is rockandroll now.}
2018-04-23 {21!27 It fade in at night.}
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to ?
{8:43 Net done.}
2018-04-25 How I met my sister. (Dam lady.)
2018-04-27 {20:16 We are on the site. Imperial troops.}
2018-04-28 {19:03 Black woman wins!}
2018-05-02 {2:27 We are on site. Heaven.} {19:32 Alarm on Dune.} {21:52 Stop of eatting this.}
2018-05-04 {17:54 Valas good!} {20:08 SOLARIS done.}
2018-05-07 {14:39 Gang is dead forever.}
2018-05-09 {20:45 they say: Valas good!}
2018-05-15 {1:53 Safety issue.} {20:06 End of safety issue.}
2018-05-16 {00:34 Start of new life.}
2018-05-19 {10:14 End of *KOCHAM*.}
2018-05-20 {4:32 End of 1st T2 moment. Ninja Asasin in proxy & she}
2018-06-08 Kan-Li live.
2018-06-16 {17:57 End of part II of T2 issue.}
2018-06-17 {00:37 Yes, my lord, dogie style.} {4:03 We are on the other side of paralela.}
2018-06-24 {17:56 dOUBLE position F3 F16 F3 A10 - same.}
2018-08-11 {20:38 Done in a same way.}
2018-08-12 {2:39 Armada is done.}
2018-08-20 {0:33 Now we can to start! ;o)}
2018-08-29 {23:50 Done at first.}
2018-08-30 {3:50 t2.}
2018-09-17 {23:57 F10 S4 J5 L4 N2 Y7 T7 P2 L1.}
2018-09-19 {4:30 End of chapter I.}
2018-09-28 {19:03 Code mosquito.}
2019-01-01 {14:27 Tax to Heaven was given.}
2019-01-08 {1:49 Hack closed. Greattings Sire!}
2019-01-12 Hi, Miss Ganjah, what is our bill. Sants Brothers
2019-01-17 {2:00 Congratulations to you Sire, for your douther! From enemy with Them to us. Thats better then me. Kan-Li.}
2019-01-23 {21:54 Imperial joke #1 (from 4th copy of my dog)}
2019-01-25 {6:14 ... and we are here from Bhethlem.}
2019-01-30 {1:22 Etera liva, menna Russia.} {6:51 This broken promiss is last edvidence why an myrth was given to the Fire.}
2019-02-05 {00:35 The End.}
2019-02-05 {00:54 Start of Chapter II, you motherfucking Google! (Cobras predicate 3rd worst variaty, so be carefully, it is hard now. - Mad man is here.)}
2019-02-07 With SSD disks is incomming right side of Kan-Li. Be strait, please.
2019-02-16 Beautifull incomming agains czech STB to czech STB. One from three scisers in cake.
2019-03-16 {14:41 Neger cries last time. From theese times is our - Uppers. (Don't drive yourself by perfidious neger's cry.)}
2019-03-27 What I may given to you, my Live? Mitti Innunnan.
2019-03-28 {7:44 Valas, I'm home, not alone. ;o)}
2019-03-29 It's batterfly local problem on your Earth of hole hudred tousant years, this way we're calling it in Imperial inteligency, - every space stops on MM or PF are doing backwards in our issue - be carefully, really in your rally!
2019-04-01 {22:50 Building of Matrix is on the end.}
2019-04-04 Imperial joke #2: Nubmber is free. (ends.)
2019-05-21 {22:15 To midnight - we is makeing SUPER TAXI RIGHT.}
2019-08-25 {by daylight - Huntering the hunter.}
2020-05-18 {cca 14:00 - Star Wars begone! Be afraid Kan-Li! For Valas...} [2020-05-31 friendly match]
2020-05-31 Medulla is here (for long time), be carefully, my love. We are celebrating.
2020-06-06 Any wants to buy: 2 milks, 1 piece of butter and 1 box of cacks, my Honey, Thanks.
2020-07-14 TODAY IS GREEN DAY. Now without Innunan.
2020-08-21 {13:20 Today are we cellebratting (nanebevzetí (cz)) of our Crossfar (Yennefer) by Imperial boat together to safe and becomeher to status endless-woman.}
2020-09-24 Today Big Bang Theory CZ S11 ends again on chanell novaZnova!
2020-09-27 Vřesina greatings
2020-09-28 Clear Wave Home Alone
2020-10-25 {13:55 Kung-Fu doesn't want to lose and Kan-Li wins for her-self - Status Quo acknowliged yet.} Greatings, Sire!
2020-11-25 Today we can morraly cellebrate a Czech famous Rowina day (TV seria Black Books) and from this day we can write above the map of Prague:"There living a Rowina!"
2020-10-25 Today is color line, it's power to line. ADF - Pilsen's final - its mine - and it is! Valas/Dragon_warrior/
2020-10-26 {10:44 Rowina lose.}
2020-12-30 {18:47 Green Day starts in real way. Today can we cellebrate found of U.S. by power of American Army. - Thanks to God. - Don't hinding yourself in 13 of Europian bathrooms - it cannot to be helping. ;o) fo F.B.}
2021-04-08 In theese dangerous times of a Minda ends my family to good (God's) times. Thanx a lot to my wife Jen Né Fér (in czech). Battle Magician (in every nation ;o) )
2021-07-02 {13:59 Druid's swearring to Cane Sugar on the Atol's country, Harkonen!} {14:34 Changing of man's society ended!}
2021-07-07 {14:16 ... like in Stalingrad! 777!}
2021-07-14 {11:38 After few hours ends now tank's battle on most importent place for women in Sibir. Golden dragons from S.W.O.R.D. team is winners at all. Putin cries! ;o) }
2021-07-19 Today was I borow my tanks of ČSLA Škoda T-50, T-67, T-68 a 350xT-89 to tank mission in Afganistan under flags of futured U.S. to Bander-side becose nobody else wants to! Conquerors was be greatting by words: "Hallo, Pitty!"
2021-07-20 What may happend! ;o) Today we start opennig coffetery Same Coffee (motherfucking Germanies - take one joint on Germany street and we have a coffetery ;o) ) (with photo of Jake from Will & Grace, how sitting alone in his coffetery ;o) ) in main squer in Bonn (Germany). Both, czechs and russians top aircrafts wants to bombed main squer in Bonn, and start sky battle (they don't know about both? ;o) ). Czechs wins! No, No - No, No, No, No - No, No, No, No - No, No - there's no limits! ;o)
2021-07-29 Bot Emil - It is Debil! Calling for me Worlds Of Punks. From tomorow are they (ČSSR with their tanks T-50,67,68,89 and bots from missed White Tigers and Golden Dragons from S.W.O.R.D. team) hanging flag of U.S. agains Russia - U.S. Army can do what's wants!
2021-08-05 {21:14 Backwards syndrome move was backwardsly interupted by upwriten army. Thats all happend before song of Micheal Jackson Gone Too Soon. All bots is back in their virtual homes and it is all about it is!}
2021-08-14 BORN'78: Situation is critical - borrow me your bicycle!
2021-09-02 I am owning hole world from theese days. Call me Lord of Cobras or Lord of Chlamedia - as you want it!
2021-09-03 {13:08 Musica & Inspiration is dead for a 100.000 years. Have a nice day! NEVER EVER FEVER! ever, ever}
2021-09-16 {9:50 Today I KILL a Kan-Li to survival only. Have a nice day! C:du}
2021-11-19 Today was born my son Emanuel Dobrota (rodák z Bonnu). For cellebrfating was defeated France and Az?rbaycan by World of Tanks (We are most powerfull tank power all around the world! (!together and never!)).
cca 2021-12-01 Today am I deffeat Czech Republic by 250 times tank M103 under soldier's CID. Czechoslovakien tanks T-50,67,68,89 was confiscated for S.W.O.R.D. team (MATRIX). Cheef of CID - code name: REVEREND [2022-02-17 18:15]
2021-12-02 {19:44 Today was start OpenG-TV-section what means that citiziens are promissed for every TV-connection, what thay can have through internet, have through internet. And CNN & MTV ([2022-02-18].zip) are new operation centers of providing VPNtunels. Provider MIXmedia(R) brave-part of Psi's Co.}
2021-12-13 {Canceled 12:00GMT Now we starting occupation of hole world were have they tank brigade named "SHOW ME YOUR FLAG". ME(BOT) & my dog exZORA}
s|note: 2021-12-30 {17:35 Komunist China, Hong-Kong more, was today annexed by U.S.A.A. by tanks borowed from Russia through defends of World of Tanks. Bander-side is going with it! [Cancelled] U.S. Army is moving throung Europe with 150,000 tanks to Russia. Now is in Czech Rep. [not cancalled] To every world fighters: Enjoy trip to China in every you need - every you need you can find on e-mail rap@rap.rap . - Try it and send it - we know about you, Neos!} Adv: sharp-skinheads.eu
--- Explanation of Jing-Jang: 2,000 years - govering of man with nature (on the board), 98,000 years govering of nature with man (on the board).
2022-01-02 {23:19 Today was defeated astral abuse of voices by man or woman! Now is starting govering of nature above stupids. God bless U.S. and bad away!}
cca 2022-02-15 Today was destroyed Czernobil nucleus hiden & used for a years. Don't worry - something cannot be hapennding from now, but we exist on the base of new Sun & centre core of a planet Earth & others in reserve White Magic from past epocha. ||This will be happending till AD2077, when is predicted end of electro-magnetical signal & reality, how we know it... Don't affraid - I'm with you most after my dead. Rachel Valas - SATAN (Adv: netera.name)
cca 2022-05-23 Today was started testing of 5G all around the world. By fake of a leadership of our world - we have bad projects. So mobile net was corrected to design before (from ex-epocha) - so 5G protocol in 4G+3G net or frequencies. It's reserved by 51.000 of private data-centers by cca $200.000 one. Live & prosper in private!
2022-06-17 Today starts world famous Underground action: UNDER THE HEAD!, where we bring what our parents forget to (it isn't about drugs only ;o) ). This is begin by again-founded party Czech-Tech from today to Sunday evening on meadow beside Mlýnský Rybník near Brno, Czech Republic. Thanx for attention...
2022-06-24 Today was defeated Srí Lanka Republic in one day for Tamil's Tigers. Thanx for attention...
2022-12-31 Dnes v ranních hodinách byla antidatovaně do roku LP(AD)1620 jednomyslně sepsána a schválena smlouva tohoto znění: Lidstvo se bezvíhradně zavazuje dodržovat přírodní zákony, i kdyby měl papež na mysli (stín)., a tím vytvořilo toho roku Biblický Starý Zákon, který se překládá opravdu bídně! ;o)
2023-03-16 {19:00 Today was end "my" 21years long (exatly) causis "Bella Roma" exept functions of timing pharos and T-Mobile CZ mobile net with Siemens technology. On this causis cooperate STB, CID, FBI and Xaxy. Goes for stoping by right way changes in reality by clasical Astral way by non-convencional way up-writen wrote of mad-house Goodcity! This way is classical weapon and will be using in both sides of Mantra: Astral way and technological way... Thanx for attention!} {20:00:00 Agree, pls! On B3 C6 D2 do F12 Z1 C0 for a while of 21th. Tankx.} {21:05 In this time is back non-buisness-money from stealling from AD1978 when born I. BORN'78} {23:59:59 T-Mobile CZ 34205A 64025D COBA OFF 1H MM(THC)}
2023-03-26 {17:20 From this time falls down every mobile nets in Czech Republic exatly little before 2022-12-19 9:35 for big misstake of personal of PN Dob?any (mad-house Goodcity) 32B. Maybe wants maybe don't. Maybe is it your chance how to gover yourself and check it, thanx!}
2023-08-24 Tímto oznamuji, že hack je jenom a jenom můj (SaTaN) a algoritmy, na které jste byly zvyklí jako jsou MS Windows, GSM, 3G, LTE, MS Server... se pomalu rozkládají sami do sebe, protože neumíte progravat, a já nejsem zrádce přírody, abych to dělal Vaší svévolí - prostě budete žít v Satanistické víře a poslouchat počítač, tak jak já chci - a né jak Vám zobák narost - vy čůráci ze Siemensu!!!!! Založil jsem si Huawei!!!!! ;o)
2023-09-12 {20:58 Tímto já a rentgen, zástupci čidel, vyhlašujeme, že boxeři jsou největší sráči! Zase si Kličkoň nabral nejvíc... Jde o to koho budu honit po blázincích po převratu, vážně!!!! ;oB}
2023-09-15 {cca 15h - Přistálo Letiště Jeremiáše Tygrida do minulosti Plzně DC, známé s psího klipu na xMTV (ČB). Matrix - jak to mít lépe - přistál ještě LP2013 a taky do minulosti. Cordination-CAE543-658-087SAT-CAT417-541-668-432-SET213-656-751-009}
2023-09-16 Vyhlášen Den Nezávislosti ČSSR.